But wait, there’s more!!!!!

The boat yard about to become a boat shed. Phil Lambert has been heading up a team of members preparing the yard in readiness for the roof to be put on this Sunday. Kaye’s husband, Mark made posts, Ian organised the post hole digger, George, Warren, Brian were there to dig, scrape, fill, hammer and do whatever else was needed. Yvonne and Jo Keniry were seen lifting panels and holding them in place while the blokes fastened them in – the panels, not Jo and Yvonne – tho the latter is pretty handy with the screwwdriver too. Then there were all those members keeping the food and drinks up to builders – and Jan Richards makes a chocolate slice to die for!

There is so much that goes on in Colour City Dragons, often with little or no comment. Did you notice early Jan – the 2nd boat was much in demand, it was almost impossible to move on the little trolley – until Ian quietly put a stronger axle on – it’s a breeze to move now.

Remember those fantastic brochures promoting our Regatta, same person just produced the information brochure (for new members) and the abbreviated version for promotional purposes – take a bow Jo Keniry. Alan Reeder, Karen’s husband produced flyers at short notice to promote the Come and Try Session taking place as part of Slow Summer program this week.

Have you checked out the Club website recently? After an inactive year it is now updated regularly. An expert with the camera is now taking the ID photos and while the Western Region Regatta 2011 is still 9 ½ months away work has already begun to encourage business houses in Orange to enter teams – all this is thanks to the Web, Word and Camera Witches, Jan Richards, Jasmine Vidler and Claire Buchanan. And joy of joy – the Constitution – a work in progress for over a year has been handed over to Christine Stanger for a final tidy up – Christine, like Mark Rutherford and Alan Reeder, is not even a Club member – yet!! Heartfelt Thanks to you all.

Trust you’re not feeling exhausted reading about all this activity – because there’s more to come 🙂

This Saturday – the 5th, Come and Try Day as part of the Slow Summer program. Training as usual at 7.15, the Frosties, Community Team will be having their training session at 9.30, this will be followed at 10am by CCDB showing off with a short display – don’t forget to wear your Club shirts – then we’ll be introducing yet more members of the public to dragon boating – I’ve lost track of how many have come along but I think we have had 11 or 12 paddlers new members in January alone and I know there are more waiting till after the Community Team races at CNY. Help will be needed Saturday, especially between 10am and midday, with the boats, the paddlers, the barbeque and the “100 Club”.

Chinese New Year – Saturday 12th for Club teams, Sunday 13th Feb (for DAA and Community teams. Have you found your ID tag yet? No tag No Race – Absolutely no wrist bands will be handed out this year. Paddlers need to be at Cockle Bay by 7.30am at latest for first timers, we try to find a convenient spot to gather, we need bagmen/women, they carry the wallets etc while the rest of us rush round looking for missing paddlers. When the final draw is available I will let you know our races – we don’t go on times, always listen for Race Number over the PA. (its very noisy) you need to be in the marshalling area at least 3 races before yours. If you are missing when we head for the loading pontoons – sorry, you missed the boat – literally. There is an 8 minute turn around so no time for waiting for missing paddlers. According to the draft draw our races are well spread out so I don’t anticipate problems.

NOW to the social calendar – First – those staying at the Goldsborough Mort (that’s nearly all of us), there is a swimming pool and gym, the lift is so slow – think its an original used in the wool store days. The apartments have everything you need – including w/machine.

A room has been booked for CCDB Club at the Bridge Hotel for 6pm, that’s a meeting place in a lively hotel – we then decide do we eat there or head to Dixon Street, I’m still waiting to hear from couple of Chinese restaurants – did think of booking a table at the Marigold but tables of 12 only, so decided against that – my decision had nothing to do with the fact that minimum cost was $1350. Anyone know a good Chinese restaurant? Volunteers are desparately needed for CNY, both days, anyone not paddling and would like to help see Pearl.

Officials and Volunteers Training – Pam attended the course recently, not what she expected but found it very worthwhile and looking forward to getting more involved with DBNSW. Its always good to have members with a growing awareness of the rules and regulations.

Now, reflecting on past activities. Barbeque at Bunnings cleared a little over $500, with enough meat left over to stock this weekends ‘Come and Try Barbeque’. Ella was delighted with all the help. Great effort everyone.

DA Orange – had a stand at the Australia Day Celebrations in Cook Park, mainly to highlight breast cancer awareness and our presence in Orange. We ran a “100 Club’, raising $200 – because the winner of the $100 donated it back to us. We do have 42 numbers to sell on the $5 Club which we hope to sell this Saturday at the Come and Try. Why? Because DA Orange have been successful in gaining a grant for $2000 from Orange Credit Union and $700 from Chris Gryllis Real Estate to purchase a marquee. Too late we were advised by Sydney Dazzlers we should also purchase marquee walls. So DA Orange members decided to order them and use the proceeds of the “100 Clubs” to cover the cost of 3 walls. Thoough Phil did have a brilliant idea to recyle the tarps – it turned out it would cost more than buying the new walls.

Leisure Expo – at PCYC Sunday 27th Feb – will need helpers to run the promotional stand – do we have an IT Witch or Wizard who could maybe set up a dvd to run during the show? Any ideas on how to make the stand appealing.

Fundraising/socialising heaps of activities in the pipeline–just waiting for you to offer to help – everything from Car Boot Sales to Theatre Nights and Dinners. Come to next meeting to learn more – hasten to add these are winter projects.

Training this Sunday (6/2) again, 5pm for the CNY team. This training time will continue for those attending the State Finals – don’t forget EVERYONE is welcome to participate. If we were sending only the super fit or elite paddlers – well, need I say more. But we are improving and that’s the goal.

Speaking of goals – theres moves afoot for those going to Penrith for the State Finals to lose the weight of a paddler – and no we are not throwing anyone overboard. The idea is, those wanting to participate, weigh in at training. The goal is by State Finals (March 19th) we have between us lost equivelent of average persons weight. Well I reckon the average weight is 50kg!!

All this sounded good – Yvonne and Kristy said that’s no good unless you take waist measurements too, I kind of lost interest at that point – however in the interests of the dragon spirit I’ll give it a go – next week. Lets get this weekend over first. Have a think about joining me.

New Club Shirts – those going to regattas, do you have one? Have all shirts been paid for? Old Club Shirts – I still have couple left – a bargain at $20, a size 12 and a small mens (would fit a size 12 or 14 ladies)

A big thank you to all of you – the last few weeks have been so hectic, not just with the number of members turning up for training but so many people trying it out. In case you hadn’t noticed – we have had between 25 and 39 consistantly for the last month. And yes I did hear Phil Lambert mention a THIRD boat! Don’t ask me how but we have managed to maintain the training plan for the ‘older’ members AND help the newcomers to develop their technique.

The Shellharbour Festival of Sport is on March 5. A real fun regatta – if you enjoyed Ryde, you’ll love this one – and we have two Level 2 Sweeps needing to sweep at 2 more races (without incident) to gain their L3 status. Name on the clipboard if your’e interested.

Heaps of positive thoughts to Terry for a speedy full recovery – we miss you Terry.

And soon after CNY we say farewell to Gloria who will be returning to her home in Canada. You have just become part of the Colour City Dragons and we are going to miss you Gloria. Travel safely and come back soon.

Paddles Up!


$10 steaks and time to relax – this Tuesday after training – at the Hotel Canobolas – just turn up, no need to rush home and shower and change – we’ll look quite clean compared with the mining guys.

Is this the Year of the Colour City Dragons?

Greetings and Happy New Year everyone – is this to be there year of the Colour City Dragons?? – the answer to that is in your court (or should that be PADDLE).

With that in mind a gentle reminder of the discussions that took place in August at the pre season meeting where while all agreed they want to retain the social side of our club training 11 of the 16 members at that meeting said they also want to participate in some serious competition. Most of those 11 have been putting in some serious training with resulting increased power in the boat beginning to show. Its also clear some of our new members are keen to join the more ‘serious’ paddlers so consider the following and let me know what you think:

Chinese New Year (CNY) – Saturday 12th for Club teams, Sunday 13th Feb (for DAA and Community teams) – just 5 wks and 3 days away. All CNY team members need to get to at least one regular training session a week – PLUS a 30 minute session specifically for the CNY Team. This prepares you better for racing, develops TEAM spirit AND best seating plan for maximum effective paddling. Remember Together Everyone Achieves More.

We could make the 30 minute extra training before or after one of our regular sessions or maybe Sunday morning, it would need to be no later than 8am so we minimise impact on the kayaking business (and our agreement with OCC).

If you’re coming to CNY please confirm by 4th Jan. Regatta fee is $30 ($15 for juniors). Please follow usual prceddure and pop your money in the envelopes provided. If you need a Club shirt see Yvonne. You also need to have paid your full membership, $130 seniors and $50 for juniors. You’ll need to have your ID tag with you so if you don’t know where it is now’s the time to look for it. Do you need accomodation? See Pearl, very few beds are now available

The State Championships are on March 19th at Penrith, just 5 weeks after CNY. There’s absolutely no reason why CC Dragons shouldn’t be competing. It’s a 500m; you’re already fit for the sprint races so slight change of training for the longer races. I need your name and fee by 01st March at latest. $20 adults, $10 juniors.

Very Good News– John Davis Motors has paid the lease on the 2nd boat $990. Any of you have the opportunity to thank John or his son, personally for this very generous sponsorship, please do so. It makes training sessions so much easier for the coach and as many of you know even more fun. Lets see if we can raise the numbers training to at least 30 each session – that way we can use both boats and start to do some competitve paddling among ourselves and really improve on times.

The Club’s Christmas Cook Out on 12th Dec was a very pleasant evening – well for the hosts it was – and Molly the dog thought it was – well, she thought all her Christmas’ had come at once, strict diet for her next day. Thank you to all those who came – George and I very much enjoyed having you with us.

The Club has a few old style (blue and white) Club shirts for sale at less than cost price. They are great for training sessions or just wearing proudly around town to promote our Club. Sizes available 12, 14, 16 in ladies, small and large in mens (difference being mens have sleeves). Cost $20 each.

The order of paddles, paddle bags and gel pads has arrived and I know of one young lady who found one in her Christmas stocking. For rest who have orderd but not yet received them, check with me. Paddles $157, bags $50 ($75 for a double I think),gel pads $32.

Last month I mentioned Lake Cargelligo Dragonflies will be getting their boat on Jan 15/16th. The following email from them speaks for itself. Those interested in going – let me know.

‘Hi Pearl

We want you to come PLEEZE!!

Just let me know how many people will need accommodation. Barb has offered her camping ground on the Lake for any one that wants it. I can book motels. I think the more people the better. Please pass on to Dubbo that we would love you all to be there for our launch.

The Come & Try Day starts at 10 am on Saturday Morning. Launch is on at 5pm Saturday evening followed by a “Hungi” at the Boat Shed. Early morning paddle for those who are interested on Sunday Morning before Melanie and crew go back. As far as social weekend, that would be great as well. Maybe we can organize a date when you are here for the Launch.



I suspect the whole Shire will be at the Hungi – that’s all 1300 of them!!

The Pan Dragons at Bathurst won’t be far behind the Lake Dragonflies. Their boat arrives Friday 14th, they may need some helpers to lift the boat off the trailer if anyone is available to help. Pan Dragons have not yet decided whether they are having a Come and Try Day on Sun 16th or later. The Steering Committee are currently feeling little overwhelmed by it all, but all will be well. As a ‘well established’ Club I’m sure Colour City Dragons will be able to encourage the Pan Dragons and give them a hand from time to time. Perhaps those not going to Lake will keep Bathurst in mind and be able to go over there on the 16th if they do decide to put their boat out. I can see regional regattas happening here in the not too distant future.

Be sure to leave enough time to respond when Phil Lambert calls for help putting the roof on the Boat Shed yard. This could be anytime now, and how good will it be not to have to drag those tarps on and off, much as we have appreciated the use of them, heaps better than bailing boats out before we even get them on the water.

Sweeps. Megan has joined Taylor in very capably handling the boat and no sorry neither of our girls will be first junior sweeps in DBNSW, but depending when Megan does her accreditation, she could be the youngest to complete that. 19th Feb at Jindabyne is next accreditation day. But first or not we are all very proud of you girls. Phil Lambert and Susie Fletcher need to sweep at 2 more races to gain L3 accreditation.

Drummers I’ve been able to get some more information on correct procedures for drumming, strange as it may seem there is nothing written, until now. An experienced drummer with a Sydney Club has put together some notes for us, so at last Elise – we’ll let you loose with the drum – and others who’d like to give it a try. For those not aware, the drummer plays an important role in the boat from a safety aspect as much as anything else.

In case you’ve not noticed the weather is warming up so for training:

  • Cover Up
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Flyspray

Sunscreen and flyspray is always on hand. We now have a big pump bottle courtesy of the Cancer Council in back of the blue Landcruiser. If you forget to bring water its available in the esky in the Landcruiser. $1 bottle goes to Club (or helps to buy more water).

Outback Dragons, Dubbo. Spare a thought for our dragonboat friends at Dubbo. They’ve had no on water training for weeks and it’s likely to be several more weeks before the Macquarie is navigable.

Dates for the Diary – or Fridge

  • Saturday 15 January – Lake Cargelligo Come and Try Day etc
  • Sunday 16 January – Pan Dragons Bathurst (TBC)
  • Saturday/Sunday 12/13 February Chinese New Year Regatta.
  • Saturday/Sunday 19/20 February Jindabyne regatta (and Sweep Accredition)
  • Saturday 26 February – ACT DAA regatta 500m
  • Saturday 5 March – Shellharbour Regatta – volunteers or enter a team??
  • Saturday 19 March– State Finals Penrith – Penrith 500m – enter a team
  • 30/31March and 1/2/3 April – Nationals Finals – Canberra. – Volunteers needed – that’s if we’re not competing 🙂

My wish for you in 2011

May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.

May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $50 notes

May love stick to your face like vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!

May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy.

May the problems you had, forget your home address!

In simple words………………

May 2011 be the best year of your life.