November News

The rescheduled National Paddle Day took place, with a few extra activities added on 22nd Oct, beautiful weather and a good roll up of Club members. The Dotting of the Eyes was followed by the Blessing of the Boats conducted by Father Frank Hetherington. Deb Clarke from Pan Dragons and Neil Stephens and daughter Carmen from Forbes joined us for the morning. Having joined us for a paddle in one of the boats, Andrew Gee declared great respect for paddlers–he was bit puffed by this time–but we can expect to see him in the boat ‘when parliamentary duties permit’.

Phil Lambert was kept busy helping three trainee sweeps from three clubs improve their skills. Thank you to all those who helped in any way, just to have members there is so encouraging for the committee. We have had messages of thanks from our trainee sweeps, from members who found the whole ceremony a moving experience and from all those who enjoyed the fellowship and the barbeque.

Dragons Abreast Orange – Six members plus 3 supporters participated in the DAA Festival at Darling Harbour in the team Just Do It. Gail and her daughter Lisa were the motivators behind the Fabulous Fitness Team. Each team raised over $2000 exceeding their targets. Overall the Regatta, one of only two annual major fundraisers for DAA has to date raised over $187,000. Apart from the fundraising it was great weekend, rules that usually apply sort of got lost along the way. Both the local teams were supplemented with paddlers from DASydney, several of whom have been in Australian representative teams at the World Championships – which just might have influenced both teams gaining 4th, 2nd and 3rd placing in different categories.

It was great to have new DA supporter Pam with us for first time. And giving us a warm fuzzy feeling –so many people telling us how much they are looking forward to coming to Orange for the regatta. One Sydney paddler is disgusted with her niece who has been inconsiderate enough to arrange her wedding for that weekend!!

Kamini Jain Paddling Clinic – general consensus – excellent. Burrendong Sport and Rec Centre is ideal for such a training session. Paddlers from four western region clubs, ACT and Victoria worked hard, laughed a lot and fell asleep very fast at night. Nine hours on the water over two days ensured lessons learnt, stuck. We were all quite happy when there was a break in the training while Kamini and co coach Leanne admired the wedgetail soaring overhead and we were all rapt watching as three emus came down to the water for a bath! There was plenty of socializing in the evenings. Couldn’t help but be amazed how the wine and beer ‘appeared’ from nowhere when the barbeque was fired up and have you any idea how noisy a game of “Who Said That” can be when 3 young people are asking the questions.

Rather belated but: Pam Johnson’s hockey team had an excellent result at the National Championships, Elise Jones gained the hockey coaches award.

Several of our younger members have completed or almost completed HSC exams – hope it hasn’t been too bad for the parents of Alex, Hayden and Taylor!

Training – Increasing paddlers fronting up all sessions. Thursday’s sessions are becoming more and more intense as those who attended last Thursday will tell you. Don’t forget Tuesday and Saturday training allows more time to be spent on technique improvement while Thursday is about building up stamina and speed. Its not fair on anyone, or safe for new paddlers to be expected to train almost non stop for an hour of hard training.

Squad training – continues. Members of four regional clubs attending, they are rising to the challenge extremely well and this is reflected in Club training performance We are moving into training for State representative level. If a Club member, even relatively new paddler is interested in joining the squad please see me, no promises but it may be possible. The same conditions will apply ie Club training at least once a week, attend 2 out of every 3 Squad training sessions, regardless of where they take place and expect those sessions to be at least 1 ½ hours on the water – non stop.

Regatta – entries are trickling in, good to see ‘new’ teams entering. If you are involved with getting a community team together don’t forget deadline for entries is THURSDAY 03rd, that’s days away. If you are paddling with the CCDB Club team, entry fees to Yvonne (or in the envelopes at training) should have been paid by last Friday and don’t forget your membership needs to be up to date.

Calare Rotary Raffle – HELP. This is a huge project. Not only as a fundraiser of major proportions but as a PR exercise. This is the first time the Club has had support from such a Community Organisation, As a Club we have undertaken to sell the raffle tickets for Calare Rotary Christmas Stocking. The Club will get almost 80% of the proceeds of ticket sales. The balance is used to cover Rotary costs and other community projects. Please contact Ella 6361 4050 if you can sell tickets either near K Mart throughout the week or at the City Centre Thursdays and Saturdays. One member has even given up her lunch hour to sell tickets which is a big help. Please give some thought to this –we need to fulfil our commitment not only for the monetary gain but as a gesture of goodwill and integrity. You may know someone, often older people, who enjoy the social side of selling raffle tickets, it helps them to feel needed and do we need them

Paddles Up

It’s Arrived!

Thank you to those people who took time out to help unload. Needless to say, it didn’t take long to organize time to try out the boat resulting in, few days later, and a full boat on the water. The boat is paid for in full due, in large part to the Fathers Day raffle which raised the mammoth amount of almost $4000. The raffle was drawn on 3September at the Ophir Tavern during an afternoon of games and barbeque. The winner of the barrow load of prizes was delighted and has her Christmas Shopping completed! Our very own Sophie Kastrounis won 2nd prize.

To the business houses and individuals who donated prizes, especially the Ophir Tavern, to all who sold tickets thank you, fantastic effort but most of all THANK YOU Bev and Gail – without you it just would not have happened.Lets not forget the trivia night held over 3 years ago andthe $1000 donation from Orange’s Breast Cancer Support Group which kick started the boat fund raising. Thank you Mark Rutherford for coordinating the transfer of one leased boat to the DBNSW trailer and to the Carey family who interrupted Fathers Day activities to help Mark.

Plans are in hand for the Dotting of the Eyes (waking the dragon from its slumber) and blessing ceremony to take place soon – more details later.

More Good News – John Davis Motors are again meeting cost of the lease on the 2nd boat – that’s $1050. Support very much appreciated by all members, we really need two boats and having this cost covered allows Club funds to be put to other use.

And the Next Major projectis already under way – in the capable hands of Mark Rutherford, Rex Keniry andPhil Lambert. A boat trailer – road registered. This will be enable us to extend our training year, when local temperatures plummet, by heading west, visit other clubs, or to rivers where we can do some training for The Ord Marathon – though Phil has something in mind out Mudgee way.

Dragons Abreast Orange– Pearl and George attended the inaugural National Dragons Abreast Regatta at Kawana Waters, Qld. All we can say – it was an experience! Water events on the Friday were cancelled after about 30 marquees were blown away- all at same time! Saturday’s weather had most paddlers quietly hoping organizers would cancel proceedings. However, by end of the day – we were glad they didn’t.

Race times were record breaking – with very strong tail winds. It was getting to the start line that was challenging. By mid morning, the men were called in to sweep as the women were really struggling to handle the boats in those winds. By that time, my team certainly didn’t want cancellations; we were on our way to the finals! George’s supporters team were on a roll too coming 3rd in the finals. Other activities included workshops, including an excellent “Coach the Coach” session, presented by coach of Brisbane River Dragons, a Club considered a force to be reckoned with. Their DA crew took out major finals, their Supporters crew “The Pink Connection” had all their competitors wallowing in their wake. The Dinner Saturday night was something George won’t forget in a hurry – I say no more!!

DAA National Paddle Day – Sunday 02nd Oct, highlighting the benefits of dragon boating. With help from the Club, DA Orange will not only be paddling but treating it as a Come and Try Day and an opportunity to publicly thank those individuals and business houses who have helped both Colour City Dragons and DA Orange. State MP Andrew Gee will be there, we’re expecting other community leaders too. Starting with paddling at 10am, followed by sausage sizzle at 12.30.

DAA Regatta– 30th October Darling Harbour 6 members will be in a DA boat, George and Bev will be in a supporter’s crew. Fabulous Family Fitness team (winners at Orange regatta last Nov) for the Community teams category will be there. Thanks to Gail, Electrolux have donated a 520li fridge to the team as a major raffle prize so if you’d like to support DAA and the Fab Family Fitness team see Gail. There is fierce competition between the teams, not just to win races but to raise the most funds; a team raising in excess of $8000 is not unusual.

Kamini Jain paddling camp–Slight change of dates- its now Oct Monday 17th to 19th – at Burrendong Sport and Rec Camp-Cost $325–includes accommodation and training. There are still a few places if you want to participate – highly recommended for those wanting to develop an efficient stroke. Training – Saturday’s 7.15am and from Tuesday 04th Oct evening training resumes 5.45pm. As last year, the Thursday evenings will be for the more serious paddler.

Development Squad – Thirty six paddlers signed up and between 22 and 30 from 4 Western Region Clubs attend sessions. An hour and ¼ solid on water training, the only rests being to swap sides, has deterred few. We are moving up the pace a little now. Selection begins soon of the Coaches and Team Managers, who will take the teams up to State and National levels.

In Aug “Tiny” Makin, a friend of Gail’s passed away, it was Tiny’s wish that donations be made to Colour City Dragon Boat Club in lieu of flowers, as a result of that request; $870 was added to the Club’s funds. A sub committee is considering how these funds can best be used in memory of “Tiny” and benefit the Club. If anyone has some thoughts on this please contact Gail or me ASAP.

Chinese New Year Regatta– lock in the dates February 4th and 5th 2012 – if you plan to stay at GoldsboroughMort don’t forget, to get group rates, book under the umbrella of CCDB Club – otherwise you’ll be paying full rates, ask around there’s usually someone looking to share an apartment.

Ord River Marathon– June 10th 2012. Details to be confirmed but I’ve been advised cost of the Marathon will be in range of $250 and $300 per person, this includes dinner the Sat night, all meals Sunday, transfer to and from Kunnanurra to Agryle Dam, celebratory drinks at end of journey, dinner Sunday night anda T shirt. Fourteen paddlers to a boat plus sweep, support/pickup boats travel with the d/boats carrying the gear. I think non-paddlers need to make alternative travel arrangements; there is a local tour company that fills this role.

Schools/Community– James Sheahan and Anson Street school students will start dragon boating in October, andwe have couple of community groups wanting to try paddling – helpers will be needed. More details later. Membership – we’ll be processing next week – if you hope to attend regattas Oct 10th and Nov 13th you need to have paid your membership by Monday 26th. Let me know if you have problem ‘on line’ or have lost your user ID. If you transfer the $55 for Club component direct to Club’s bank, be sure to let Yvonne know.

Paddles Up!