Winter is here but theres no slowing down for Colour City Dragons!

Please read and note dates and times It may be helpful if events are listed in chronological order so…….

Saturday 04th June – Training is at 1pm, because Pan Dragons want to have taste of race conditions – ie they want to race against CCDragons. This is a new club – lets encourage them much as we can – that doesn’t mean we let them beat us!! Weather permitting – if it doesn’t (permit) then you may like to come along anyway and help get the Kiosk ready – see below .

Sunday 05th – Car Boot Sale – you’ve got all the information, if you’re not selling we need some helpers selling raffle tickets (The $2000 Father’s Day raffles – we have 3000 tickets to sell). Taylor is coordinating the Book/dvd/cd/video and jigsaw table – heap of great jig saws have been donated. Don’t miss out on them. All funds raised from the book stall goes to the Club to support juniors attending regattas.

Kaye takes the prize for proactive promotional work, Kaye has letter dropped SIXTY THREE flyers. Great effort Kaye.

Tuesday 7th – 5.45pm Training at the Kiosk ‘Gym’ or shall we call it the Kiosk Club House.? We have the erg machine, I think a rowing machine will appear, we may have loan of a walking machine. If you have skipping ropes, gym balls, weights, any portable gym equipment you could bring along to share, I’m sure that will be appreciated by all. Can you let me know if you have any equipment available so training plans can be put together.

Thursday 9th – 6pm meeting at Hotel Canobolas (not Wednesday) Mel will be present.

Saturday 11thto Lake Cargelligo, all very casual, perhaps we can meet up for lunch somewhere, paddling with the Lake Dragonflies in afternoon then those who choose to stay overnight – can meet up for dinner in the evening.

Sunday 26th Steve Davidson – Australian and NSW State squad Coach will be with us. Our ‘older’ members will remember Steve’s coaching clinic during our first season. Weather permitting, we will do some work on the water BUT if not possible the training will take place in the Kiosk Club House/Gym, including trials on the erg. If you can make it to this – let me know. If we don’t have the numbers we’ll open it up to other Clubs.

JULY 03rd Sunday – Bunnings Barbeque, Contact Ella if you can help.Deffinitely need some help here as five members who would usually be barbequeing are attending the Governance Workshop

July 11th Friday– Harry Potter movie night. If your family thinking about seeing this movie – make it with CCDB Club. We need to sell 200 plus tickets to raise maximun funds. There’ll be eats and drinks before the movie, plus lucky door prize. We will have the tickets available later this week.

Bits and pieces

  • Elise Jones is off to Armidale this weekend with the Orange rep team competing in the State Hockey Finals – good luck Elise.
  • Alex, along with the rest of the Orange High School Band returned from the National Band Championships covered in glory. Great performance Alex.
  • Sound of Music – was enjoyed so much by all and DA Orange raised little over $800, great result all round.
  • Our boat has been ordered, expected arrival August!

Can you help? – Accomodation . The Coaching Course taking place July 30/31st.

This is first time we have been able to have a coach training course this side of the Blue Mtns but it still means travelling quite a distance for the Lake Cargelligo and Wagga people. If anyone is able to offer accomodation I’m sure it would be very much appreciated. If you can help can you let me know asap.

Kamini Jain– the Canadian coach WILL be heading our way. The initial response to my call for expression of interest from you and other Western Region clubs was very positive, (27 people). 50 will be the maximun number. Kamini only contacted me few days ago to confirm so I have some work to do before I can finalise costs but I’m anticipating it will be around $350 to $375 per person, that includes accomodation for 2 nights and 2 full days coaching from a world class coach.

Rash shirts – that float

Yvonne has found information on the web. Rashie shirts that act as life jacket, various types can be purchased including self inflating ones, be worth checking out.

Winter Training

Training at 8am on Saturday mornings hasn’t been well attended the last 2 weeks, even when the weather was beautiful. Those that did turn up enjoyed a brisk walk around the Lake, all good for maintaining the fitness. However, in keeping with Committee’ decision (of couple months ago) Long Weekend is officially last weekend of the season for ‘on water’ training (which will be at Lake Cargelligo). Winter is here but theres no slowing down for Colour City Dragon Boat Club Exception being June 26th and Steve Davidson’s visit.

Starting next Tuesday 07th – 5.45pm we will have training in the Kiosk.

PLUS negotiations are again in progress for training at the PCYC to take place Saturday mornings. This was very popular last winter. For those not aware – membership of PCYC is required, last year it was $15 adults, $5 for juniors. Club members can attend the PCYC gym when they like (fee of $5 each session) but Saturday mornings with a personal trainer, ie boxer Bobby Williams running a session for Club members only. Again $5 fee required and must guarentee minimum of 10 members participating . Will let you know when arrangements are confirmed..

A Sparking Autumn Day

Well how good was that? A terrific turn out on Sunday with lots of family and friends to help us celebrate a summer of paddling. I think I will forever hold the image of Taylor jumping overboard, disappearing beneath the water, closely followed by Hayden, who seemed to ‘roll’ out of the other boat – no, not to rescue his sister, but to beat her to the clue which was nestling in the reeds! Thank you both for adding fun to the day and I hope you didn’t get too cold.

Then there was the clue that almost got away – over the spillway. Nathan was seen hanging off the bridge retrieving it before it crashed to the other side. It was so good to see Terry back in the boat. Terry has a way to go before he is 100% and will no doubt experience lot of frustrations along the way – hang in there Terry, every day is step closer to full recovery.

It was a day of firsts really – Women getting in the boat for the men v women race found water coming in a great rate. Umm, at the working bee, did the blokes really forget to put that screw back in? Then both boats became grounded – at the top end of the lake?, don’t know how Phil’s boat got themselves afloat again but few of our people overboard and couple of visitors moving to back of the boat and we soon floated free. And how was the paddling with the paddle handle ? only caught couple members trying to cheat on that one!

Monster Raffle – Gail and Bev thank the 3 members who’ve added to the raffle – there’s still room in the wheelbarrow for more and as the tickets have not yet been printed you have few more days to add to the barrow .

DA Orange – Sound of Music, we have just 8 tickets left if anyone is wanting to attend the Opening Night on Friday. Meeting at the theatre for pre show nibbles, 7pm, show starts at 8pm. See Pearl 6365 8475

Good luck to our younger members who are doing HSC this year, I’m told pressure is building up – or not – in the case of students who are pretty laid back by it all. Maybe its just the parents feeling the pressure!

Alex, as if he doesn’t have enough to do – is heading to Adelaide this weekend with the Orange High School Band for the National Band Championships. Good luck from all members Alex.

Car Boot Sale – June Start clearing out the garage, sort out all those books. We plan to have special book stall as well. But you can also have your own site and sell all those unwanted items from your shed. This is planned for early June, date to be confirmed. Will be needing some help, especially over the next few weeks getting the word out there. Car spaces will be available at $20 each for NON Club members, $10 for members.

We had a really good working bee at the boat shed little over a week ago. At one stage I saw Ian under the trailer fixing something, Jo Krats sanding the gunnwales on one boat, Yvonne, Warren and George were putting blocks in the 2nd boat, Phil Lambert putting final touches to the roof, in order to meet Councils requirements. I don’t think Kristy and I are going to be let loose with the paint pots again, we just don’t seem to see things from an artists perspective – but we did fix our errors – so if you weren’t there you won’t know what we did!

Chocolates – we seem to have lot of chocolates out there and little money coming in. In fact we ordered a 2nd lot due to demand but we haven’t received money back in to cover cost of the first order. Could those who have money or chocolates please get them back to Gail, Bev or myself. End of financial year is fast approaching and we need to get everything in order before then.

Paddle Order – I haven’t placed an order yet as not enough people requesting them, Will leave it till spring comes and we start traing for the 2 km race!

Long Weekend– June 09th/10th–some are planning a trip to Lake Cargelligo. A morale boost for the Lake Cargelligo Club and good for CCDragons to have lots of paddling space. The paddling will take place in the Saturday afternoon giving us time to travel over in the morning, I know some are thinking of staying Saturday night in Lake C – so good opportunity for us to socialise.

July 03rdBarbeque at Bunnings. Ella is going to need lots of helpers.

This will clash with a Governance Workshop which is to be held in Orange. DBNSW advises it will be mandatory for 4 committee members to attend. Issues to be covered include Constitution, Legal Issues, Conflict Resolution and Risk Management. Its sad that its become compulsory for Clubs and other organisations to learn about these issues.

July 11th HARRY POTTER movie, the very last one to be made. At this stage we have the whole cinema booked – fill that and we could almost buy TWO boats!!

Kamini Jain – the Canadian coach of world champion dragon boat teams is again heading down under. STRONGLY encourage everyone interested in developing their paddling skills to competition level to attend. Keep October free. Kamini will be at Myuna Bay again for 3 days BUT …………..fingers crossed we can entice her west of the mountains.

Chocolates – we seem to have lot of chocolates out there and little money coming in. In fact we ordered a 2nd lot due to demand but we haven’t received money back in to cover cost of the first order. Could those who have money or chocolates please get them back to Gail,

Coaching course – those interested in undertaking this training please contact me with preferred dates ASAP. I’m now collating names and preferred dates from the 6 W/Region clubs. Just to remind you all:

  • Initial Training: over 2 consecutive days
  • Follow Up: quite bit of work over several months
  • First Aid Cert: a must – no certificate no accrediation
  • Cost: not sure – last year was $250
  • Venue: not sure – probably Orange or Dubbo
  • Content: some of the subjects covered are Role of the Coach: Planning; Teaching Skills and Communication; Physical Conditioning//Physiology; Racing regulations; Safety and the Law.

Colour City Dragon Boat Club Regulations and Constitution. This huge task is now complete. There are couple of late additions to the Regulations. One relates to paddlers from other clubs, the 2nd addition relates to Club’s policies on training courses – please be sure to read it.

Land training for winter – watch this space, several options in the pot – we do have the erg machine now which will help us maintain aerobic fitness.

Paddles Up!