Spring Training Commences

Having been confined to indoor fitness exercise over the past few months, the Colour City Dragons are excited to announce we are recommencing Saturday morning paddling at Lake Canobolas this Saturday 7th September 2013 at 8.00am. 

Newcomers are very welcome to join us for our first spring paddle.  We allow two free paddling sessions to try dragon boating before you have to take out membership.   Paddles and life vests are provided but we ask that you turn up in light clothing and footwear (no jeans & heavy shoes) before 8.00am to allow time for safety and paddling instructions prior to entering the boat.

 Looking forward to seeing lots of old and new faces on Saturdays.  What better way to celebrate the advent of spring (and the weekend) than sharing a fun sport on our beautiful, serene Lake Canobolas.

When daylight saving commences we’ll be training on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons again too.

Training over Christmas

Such is the enthusiasm of the crew that training is to continue as normal over the Christmas/New Year period with only Christmas Day being set aside for family time and rest. Crew members are likely to be seen moping about on Christmas afternoon, kicking things in frustration or waving the new paddles they got from Santa about aimlessly.

Training will be held on New Year’s Day. See the Calendar.