During colder weather our training is  pulled back to weekends – until Daylight Saving resumes.  COVID NSW Health regulations mean we must sign in using the QR Code provided, wear masks outside the boat and sanitise our hands and wipe down the boat before and after training. Times to be confirmed by Coach Phil each week.

  • From Sunday  11 July 2021 10am for 10.30am on the water

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions your cooperation in being there at the start time to assist in getting the boats into the water is greatly appreciated.

 In Summer (Daylight Saving) we train at Lake Canobolas on:

  • Tuesday 5.30pm for 6pm on the water
  • Thursday 5.30pm for 6pm on the water
  • Saturday   7.30am for 8am on the water

Each training session lasts for approximately 1.5 hours which includes an hour or so on water time. Being on time is important in this sport because there are a number of preparatory tasks to accomplish first – like getting the boat in the water – and once we are on the water we don’t want to have to come in to pick up late comers.

Training involves some warm up exercises and stretches on land, a warm up lap on the water, then a few laps with some intensity and perhaps a race start. There may also be a discussion about technique with some drills. Oh, and there is always plenty of chatting, joking and perhaps some crew may break into song.

Members also have the chance to participate in regattas across NSW, interstate and internationally. Additional training may be arranged in preparation for regattas.

Safety is very important to us. All members are reminded to be aware of our Risk assessment CCDB paddling training at Lake Canobolas – 2016

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