Lake Canobolas

Colour City Dragons are indeed fortunate to call Lake Canobolas ‘Home’

Located at the foot of Mt Canobolas is Lake Canobolas, a large tranquil lake that provides a range of activities with the changing seasons. The Lake is fed by Molong Creek whose waters flow from melting snow and rain that falls on Mt Canobolas and the surrounding Towac Valley.

Following extensive rehabilitation work over many years the Lake environs have an abundance of bird life and are home to a number of species of water fowl and native fauna. Keen eyes may occasionally observe a platypus surfacing on the still waters after it has been diving for prey amongst the silty bed of the Lake, or spot an echidna searching for food or a
wallaby browsing.

Lake Canobolas (previously know as Meadow Creek Reservoir) was constructed in 1918 to provide the town of Orange with water; by 1957 the Lake was not large enough to provide the
growing City with a sustainable supply and alternative sites were investigated.

Scattered around the Lake are many picnic shelters with tables and free electric or gas barbecues. These are often used by the club for a post training ‘sausage sizzle’, especially on a Saturday morning. We also frequent the Lakeshore Café for coffee and treats.

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