DBNSW sends its support and well wishes to members who have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19. This has been a challenging time for not just those in the sport, but also the community. Following the devastation of drought and the bushfires, 2020 sure has been a challenge. But, we will stick together and ride this out.

With Government restriction slowly starting to ease, we cannot get complacent. DBNSW along with a small team is starting to develop a return to sport plan, that falls in line with the recommendations from Sport NSW, Office of Sport and Sport Australia. A select group of DBNSW members, along with members of the Board and external risk professionals will support a way back to paddling. In saying this, it will take some time and Clubs will have to be eased back in, in a phased approach. DBNSW do not want to speculate what that may look like just yet, but for the coming months, it may not return as we know it just yet. They ask for patience from members as they know everyone is eager to get back onto the water.

DBNSW also urge clubs and members to ensure they follow government restrictions, meaning Dragon Boating as we know it, should not yet be conducted. Colour City Dragons took part in a recent Club Video Update and also completed a survey to help DBNSW with strategic planning for the coming season.

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