Our Boat arrives Tuesday 30th August …

… time to be confirmed. we will be desperately short of helpers so give some thought to taking a long lunch or something to come out for ½ hour to lift the boat off trailer. Watch for urgent emails because when I have an ETA I will be sending out an SOS.

Help will also be needed Sunday 4th September to load one of the leased boats onto the DBNSW trailer, this, I’m guessing will be about 3pm, but will confirm later. Squad training being in Dubbo that day means there will be shortage of helpers so let me know if you are available.

DBNSW are trying to improve efficiency (and cut costs) by streamlining certain tasks, hence the encouragement to renew memberships on line. To help in this, CC are, as we did last year, processing memberships once month, ie in last week of each month we will do an “export” of renewals and new members to DBNSW, who then process and generate new ID tags

To date just eleven members have ventured on line to renew membership. We will defer the ‘Export’ until Monday 29th, so you have few days to go online and renew. The next “export” will be end of September which means ID tags will be available mid to late October. Remember NO ID tags, NO Regattas

Don’t forget – you pay only the $85 on line. Please contact me if you need help – if you really are unable to go online – bring your money to training this Sunday 28th – we’ll work something out – but only do this if you genuinely cannot, for whatever reason go online. Cash or cheques available for the Club component can also be paid Sunday – or deposited in CC Bank account – details sent earlier.

Dobroyd 10s –- certainly lived up to its reputation – just so laid back. In one race we had five Clubs represented in our boat – not bad when a full crew was 10 paddlers, sweep and drummer. It was really good interaction between clubs, we got to know John (from Nowra,) a little better, most of you have seen John at regattas. He of the Goths – pink beard, chains and tatts fame. We’d have been stuck without him.

Elise and Bella did great job as stroke makers, with yet another very experienced paddler commenting on the high standard of paddling our juniors have, but then we don’t need anyone to tell us how good they are do we? Sweeping – yours truly has got first 2 races out of the way. Dobroyd’s is good place to sweep, no lanes, plenty of space, short course. The negative is currents, tides and the wind.

NEXT REGATTA is Ryde, September 11th. Need names in by 05th Sept, that’s week Monday – and you need your new ID tag by then.

FATHERS DAY raffle – less than a week before you find out who has won $2000 worth of prizes. A huge thank you to the following members (and family of members) who have taken books of tickets to sell:

Bev Waters, Gail Wright, Wendy (Gail’s sister), Jan Richards, Regina Fogarty, Ella, Phil Lambert, Judy Carter, Jo Krats, Rhonda Sawtell, Jo Beeby, Brenda (Megan and Elise’s mother) and Sophie Kastrounis (Alex and Terry’s mother). Others who have taken books have been the business houses who contributed the prizes and the Ophir Tavern have been selling tickets in the bar. Then there are those who have been selling tickets at the City Centre last 2 weeks (and again tomorrow). Saturday 03rd tickets will be sold in morning only, at IGA Supermarket, if you can help there, contact Ella 6361 4050.

If you haven’t bought your raffles tickets yet – see any of the above OR get a book for yourself from Gail 6362 4193 OR come along to the Ophir Tavern Saturday 03rd Sept from about 3.00pm, there will be games, sausage sizzle and of course tickets to buy before the big draw.

Its quite likely someone is going to have to take the barrow of prizes to Sydney or even further afield as Brenda, never one to miss an opportunity, was selling tickets to paddlers at the Dobroyds. Don’t forget to return all books to Gail, Bev or Ella by Friday 02nd or bring along Saturday 03rd to the Ophir.

Kamini Jain paddling camp – Oct Tuesday 18th to 20th – at Burrendong Sport and Rec Camp – arriving late afternoon/early evening on 18th, full day training – on water, reviewing video, discussions Wed and Thursday. Departing mid to late afternoon 20th. Cost $325 – includes accommodation and training. There are still places if you want to participate.

Training for Colour City Dragons – This Sunday 1.00pm on the Lake – then as result of numerous requests, there has been an executive decision – training from Saturday September 10th training will be 7.30am. Tuesday and Thursday evening training will commence with daylight saving (almost make you wish for daylight saving to continue longer).

Next general meeting Wednesday 8th Hotel Canobolas.

Why is it that when someone tells you that there are one billion stars in the universe, you believe them but, if they tell you there is wet paint, you have to touch it to check?

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