Daylight Saving = Training 3 times a week!


Hooray, the warmer weather is here and with it daylight saving. That means we’re back to training 3 times a week:

Tuesday:  17:45
Thursday: 17:45
Saturday:  7:15

Each training session lasts for approximately 1.5 hours which includes an hour on water time. Being on time is important in this sport because there are a number of preparatory tasks to accomplish first – like getting the boat in the water – and once we are on the water we don’t want to have to come in to pick up late comers.

Training involves some warm up exercises and stretches on land, a warm up lap on the water, then a few laps with some intensity and perhaps a race start. There may also be a discussion about technique with some drills. Oh, and there is always plenty of chatting, joking and perhaps some crew may break into song.

Remember to bring some money with you for coffee afterwards (and maybe a ‘little beauty’ or some banana bread).

Paddles UP!

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