The Mighty Dragonboat

boatPinnacle Paddlers member Cath Hines recently penned this poem about our beloved sport and was happy to share it with us. Thanks Cath!


The Mighty Dragonboat
by Cath Hines

Our crafts are that of beauty,
they are white and lined with scales.
At all the races and regatta,
adorned with golden heads and tails.
The beast, she is the dragon,
ten seats hold up to twenty crew.
The sweep steers standing tall aback,
drummer sits affront with backward view.
The paddlers share a healthy joy,
life itself is nature’s gift.
We paddle rivers, lakes and shore,
in hearts and bodies there’s a lift.
‘Paddles Up’ – we lean ahead,
Our paddles at the ready.
The count is on, blades dug in,
water flowing strong and steady.
There’s something very special,
sharing strokes that move as one.
The momentum of this mighty beast,
is profound, strong and fun.
We’re thankful that we get to play,
as one upon the water.
It doesn’t matter if you are,
slim, cuddly, tall or shorter,
It’s all about the teamship,
support and health and care.
And a group of men and women,
and the sport and fun they share.