Daylight Saving is here!

Daylight saving is here and evening training has started.
Tiimes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.45pm for 6pm on the water
            Saturdays 7.15am for 7.30am on the water
Just a reminder to get your names down for the upcoming regattas.
Kalari River Festival Saturday 26th October. Be there before 8am to take part in the opening flotilla
Orange Regatta Sunday 17th November (fees to be paid by the 4th Nov – $25)
Wagga Wagga Sunday 1st December (fees to be paid by the 18th Nov – $25)
Penrith Sunday 15th December (fees to be paid by the 2nd Dec – $25)
Chinese New Year Saturday 8th February (fees to be paid by the 12th December – $30)
Sign-up sheets will be available at training.